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Beef from natural pastures and a quality service unrivalled

close-quote For the same great Hereford Prime eating experience that you get in hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs, we can supply carton quantities of consistent quality product for all types of functions, events and household needs. Simply contact us for a quote and to discuss your order. close-quote

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Eating Quality Guaranteed

The same great eating experience you get in top restaurants

Hereford beef is proven to be amongst Australia's best for tenderness, juiciness and flavour. Meat scientists and 520,000 consumers can't be wrong!
We can supply carton quantities of consistent quality product for all types of functions, events and household needs. Simply contact us for a quote and to discuss your order.

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High Quality Branded Beef Product With a Point of Difference

An all Australian product from paddock to plate

Hereford Prime is featured at many of Australia's finest restaurants. From yearling Hereford and Hereford-cross cattle grazed on lush natural pastures, Hereford Prime Beef is:

  • An all Grassfed Product
  • 100% Hormone Free
  • Quality guaranteed by Meat Standards Australia
  • 100% Australian grown, 100% Australian owned
The Best Meat You Can Eat!

Hereford Prime – The Best Meat You Can Eat

In May 2007, the proprietors of Hereford Prime, Mr Dan Morice and Mr Antony (Ant) Martin, recommenced their Hereford Prime label. Both families have had a long association with Hereford cattle and are passionate about the benefits of Australian Hereford beef.

Restarting the Hereford Prime label in 2007 was achieved by forming a processing alliance with some of Australia’s best beef processors with access to cattle from the lush natural pastures of the Eastern seaboard of Australia. All our cattle are grown on these natural pastures and are Hormone free.

To meet Hereford Prime’s product quality guarantee, the processors procure yearling beef cattle direct from producers in areas of NSW and Victoria, encompassing some of the best Herefords in the country, and in which there is a consistent supply of quality grass fed Hereford cattle.

Importantly, the processing of Hereford Prime’s yearling cattle is conducted in accordance with the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system. The MSA grading system determines eating quality standards based on consumer perceptions. MSA requirements are very onerous, thereby supporting the guarantee of eating quality that Hereford Prime and the MSA system promotes.

MSA producer feedback sheets, recording numerous factors affecting carcase and meat quality, reveal excellent results being achieved by Hereford cattle. Many Hereford producers have achieved 100% success rate in meeting MSA’s top boning group or meat eating quality equivalent. For more information about MSA visit the Meat & Livestock Australia website www.mla.com.au.

Hereford Prime predominantly focuses on marketing yearling grass fed beef into the higher end of the restaurant and hospitality market and the brand has continued to go from strength-to-strength.

The strength to strength growth, achieved most importantly as a result of our quality and consistent product, led to the opening of our retail butcher outlet at 57 Coleman Street, Merrylands West in March 2011. Apart from being a retail outlet, the butcher shop also provides a central distribution point to service our wholesale customers. 

Through our association with Herefords Australia Limited, Hereford Prime is committed to securing and marketing the best Hereford beef available. Such an alliance with a quality breed and breed society, augers well in ensuring Hereford Prime package and market one of the best quality assured brands in Australia.

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